Disaster Relief Insurance Plan

The "Disaster Relief Insurance Plan" for
Govt, State, Local & Municipal Agencies!

Don't get caught in an embarrassing predicament
BE PREPARED at a minimal cost!

Problem: Budget doesn’t cover our Disaster Relief Plan!
Problem: We don’t have space to inventory supplies

Solution: C.Y.A. (Cover Your a**) Relief!
Don't pay for items you don’t need now, Don’t pay for storage of items you hopefully will never need--AND still have them GUARANTEED to be ready for you for pick up within hours!

For every cot you order, we will guarantee to stock (exclusively for you) double that amount AND store them for you at no cost!

If you anticipate needing 10,000 cots in an emergency...

Here’s how it works:

Purchase 5,000 cots. You can take them immediately, over an extended period of time or never! Either way we will store them for you in our IL warehouse at no cost! You can take as many as you need, whenever you need them... PLUS... we will match your order one for one... we will put aside an ADDITIONAL 5,000 cots that are exclusively yours... no one else has access to these cots, they are there for you in an emergency!

No minimums for withdrawals -- take as many as you need, as you need them!

This service is for the following products only:

For more info please call:
1-888-667-3453 or e-mail: sales@outinstyle.com
And reference the "CYA" Program.

Minimum purchase for above plan = 1,000 pieces.
In/Out warehouse picking charge of $25.00 per pickup -- regardless of quantity.