Rothco's Inaugural Partner Profile - Abraham Perkowski,

Interestingly enough, Abraham Perkowski started off his business, Out in Style, as a hobby. In 1994, back in the days before Ebay and Amazon, he started a website (yes, there were a few websites back then) with only a few dozen items, just to see what might come of it. Fortunately, this experiment turned into a success.

There were obstacles along the way. Many new businesses began with the same ideas as Abe’s, and, as the competition grew. More “basement websites” opened and who competed on price alone. Out in Style prides itself on their customer service. Close personal attention is given to each and every order. All orders ship within one business day and are reviewed by a minimum of two supervisors, and every customer is assigned a personal salesperson regardless of dollar amount. Over the years, Out in Style has learned what their customers are looking for and they do their best to provide exactly that.

“We are still old school,” says Abe, “but we have hired a new social marketing team that will focus on Twitter and Facebook. We will also be launching new Amazon and eBay stores to increase our sales.” Though they are taking steps to keep up with today’s market, Abe and Out in Style still maintain the personal experiences and relationships that customers have valued for years... Read More