Out In Style, Inc. Launches ‘Disaster Relief Insurance Plan’ for Government, State and Local Municipalities

New program comes to the rescue with affordable, emergency relief supplies and free storage opportunities


BROOKLYN, N.Y., Aug. 11, 2009 -- It’s hurricane season, a ripe reminder of the risks that communities face when the big storms hit. The repercussions of being poorly prepared can wreak financial and personal havoc on those living in a hurricane’s path. Not being ready can also take a toll on governments, which often struggle with meeting the great, sudden demand for emergency resources - exactly why OutInStyle.com has come to the rescue with its newly launched "Disaster Relief Insurance Plan," also known as the "CYA" or "Cover Your A**" Program.


Out In Style, Inc. (OIS, http://www.outinstyle.com), an Internet-based portal for more than 30,000 camping, hunting, law enforcement, military products and clothing items, also specializes in disaster relief, first-responder, survival and safety gear. Through its CYA Program, government, state and local municipalities can now pre-purchase a set quantity of disaster-relief products, and OIS will actually store those cots for free.


In addition, OIS will double the order at no immediate charge. When disaster strikes, OIS ships what’s needed from its Illinois warehouse, ensuring speedy delivery of supplies. With the CYA program, there are no minimums for withdrawal of supplies, so customers can take as many as are needed, on an as-needed basis.


"Out In Style receives bid requests daily from agencies that want prices for 10,000 cots in case of emergency," says Abraham Perkowski, Out In Style’s president. "We repeatedly explain that although we can quote a price, we cannot guarantee stock when they need it. For example, with Hurricane Katrina, we sold 30,000 cots in just one day, and our stock was quickly exhausted. The problem is that, until now, these agencies haven’t had the space to store them in advance, and since demand and price spike during emergencies, they can’t afford to buy what they need on short notice. Our CYA Program ensures key supplies are affordable and immediately ready for shipment."


Of note, Shelter Pak(TM) (http://www.shelterpak.com) is one of OIS’s newest product additions and is now being promoted through the CYA Program. The first all-in-one solution of its kind, Shelter Pak(TM) simplifies procurement and deployment by providing all non-food essentials in a single product.


Developed by the experts at Unified Logistics, the Pak is certified and tested for reliability under a wide range of conditions. The Shelter Pak is actually three "Paks" in one - the Storage Pak(TM), the Shelter Pak(TM) and the Comfort Pak(TM) - and includes emergency necessities, such as: a heavy duty (500 lb. test) flame/mildew-retardant cot; a 60? x 80? wool-blend, flame-retardant blanket; two patented "fold flat" inflatable fleece-lined pillows; and a toiletry kit.


For more information about Out In Style’s CYA program, call 1-888-667-3453 or e-mail sales@outinstyle.com, and reference the "CYA" Program. To view OutInStyle.com’s comprehensive product offering, visit: http://www.outinstyle.com.



Abraham Perkowski
Out In Style, Inc.
718-258-0124 ext. 201